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Coming to Life

Muhibb* was a kind-hearted 61-year old man who came to our hospital in late October. We knew that we were not the ideal medical facility for him because his illness was ultimately diagnosed as cancer, an ailment outside of our scope of expertise, but his friends begged us to admit him. One evening when I was making my rounds through the men’s ward to gather folks for our daily lesson, Muhibb was sleeping and his roommates told me not to wake him up because he was so tired. Still, one of our doctors came along a minute or two behind me and woke Muhibb up for the meeting. Muhibb was upset when he realized that I had gathered others but had not woken him up. He told me sternly: “Don’t ever do that again! I don’t want to ever miss a patient meeting.” I had to laugh because sometimes it can be like pulling teeth to get guys to come to the meetings, and here was someone who didn’t want to miss one meeting. I promised Muhibb that I wouldn’t leave him hanging again! He loved hearing from God’s Word. 

A week later, Muhibb found Life, even as his physical body was passing away. He said, “I can’t help but cry whenever I hear and think about Jesus.” I had many chances to pray with him for physical and inner healing as he struggled to deal with the pain of his cancer. One morning, I got to spend about 10 minutes just listening and praying for him before he went in to get an X-ray. It was the last time I saw him as he was subsequently transferred to a higher level of care and then passed away the next morning. I thank the Lord and feel humbled that I had a chance to see the transformation God promises for all who draw near to him and call out for his salvation. Muhibb will be a great man for all of us to meet one day in heaven.

-Written by a worker in the Middle East
-Photo provided by worker

*Not his real name

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