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Building Bridges to Change Lives

Work in the Arabian Peninsula? But you have to be so careful, right? Would I be able to share the Good News? Aren’t there restrictions?

Do you have these questions? I did, but God showed me that it isn’t about me and my work; it is about Him and His work! All I had to do was simply be who I am in Him, and be sensitive to His leading as He orchestrates my path to connect with those He has prepared.

The study of the book of Esther is what really inspired me as God placed Esther where she was for “such a time as this.” All of her life circumstances had led to the very task God had for her. So, when I ended up in the Arabian Peninsula working in a hospital with staff from many different faiths, I wondered how and where to start. God showed me how to be sensitive to His leading. I began to build bridges by getting acquainted with people, letting them know I cared about them and their lives. As they began to share some of their struggles and hard times, I would draw their attention to God who loves them and cares about what they are going through – and then I would ask if I could pray for them. Often I would get the reply, “Do you know how?” I would answer, "I can pray in the way I have been taught to pray, is that OK with you?” In every situation, they replied, “Yes.”

In my prayers, I declared God’s love for them and that He cares for what they were going through right then. I asked Him to show His love to them by giving them guidance in what they should do, and how they should handle the situation. I asked for comfort for those who were really distraught. I closed my prayers by saying, “I pray in the name of Jesus, who loved us so much that He died for us in order that we might have a personal relationship with the One and Only Most Holy God, Amen.”

Word got around that I would listen and would pray, and that my God would answer prayer. Staff started coming to come to me regularly for counsel and prayer. I felt my job was not just the work that I was being paid to do in the hospital, but that God had me in that place for “such a time as this.”

I no longer am working at the same facility, but some of the same staff continues to visit me in my home and we have significant interactions together. They have God’s Word, and other books that focus on Who He is and His love for them. I continue to trust God to complete His work – and that I will simply be available and sensitive to make bridges between them and God. I am now in a new location, but His work goes on through me. Ultimately, the "profession" or "job" I take while working in the Arabian Peninsula doesn't really matter. The important thing is to live for Him where He places me and to fulfill the special purpose for which He brings me here.

-Written by a TEAM missionary

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