A Picture Worth 1,000 Truths

In a city where the gospel must be shared delicately, a group of workers quietly proclaims it with art, instead.


Building Bridges to Change Lives

Work in the Arabian Peninsula? But you have to be so careful, right? Would I be able to share the Good News?


The Fear of the Foreigner

Walking along an out-of-the-way street in a remote part of town, a worker realized that he was lost – and he wasn’t alone.

Coming to Life

Even as his physical body was passing away, a cancer patient found eternal life by hearing God’s Word at a hospital patient meeting.

Meaningful Summertime Fun

A holiday adventure located along the Mediterranean coast provides children with love, encouragement, and joy in the Lord.

Muslims in the Christian Bookstore

God was at work during a “chance” encounter between an Arabic-speaking worker and an Arab Muslim woman when they met in the most unlikely of places – a Christian bookstore.

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