A Picture Worth 1,000 Truths

Nov 12, 2013

In a city where the gospel must be shared delicately, a group of workers quietly proclaims it with art, instead.


Building Bridges to Change Lives

Oct 21, 2013

Work in the Arabian Peninsula? But you have to be so careful, right? Would I be able to share the Good News?


The Fear of the Foreigner

Jul 11, 2013

Walking along an out-of-the-way street in a remote part of town, a worker realized that he was lost – and he wasn’t alone.

Coming to Life

May 13, 2013

Even as his physical body was passing away, a cancer patient found eternal life by hearing God’s Word at a hospital patient meeting.

Meaningful Summertime Fun

May 13, 2013

A holiday adventure located along the Mediterranean coast provides children with love, encouragement, and joy in the Lord.

Muslims in the Christian Bookstore

May 13, 2013

God was at work during a “chance” encounter between an Arabic-speaking worker and an Arab Muslim woman when they met in the most unlikely of places – a Christian bookstore.

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